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Come preparare e maneggiare le lenti a contatto

Wearing your contact lenses:

  1. Hold the upper eye lashes and eyelid up bellow your eye-brow with your other forefinger, and at the same time, pull your lower eyelid down using your middle finger. Then, while looking up, place the lens onto the white area of your eye and move the lens onto the center of your eye with the lower lid margin. Remove your finger and release your lower lid first, then release your upper lid. Repeat the above steps with your other eye.
  2. If your vision is blurred after wearing your contact lens, the lens may be off-center, then you may return it to the correct central position via closing your eye and gently message your eyelid. If this problem persists, remove the lens and consult your eye practitioner.
  3. When wearing your contact lenses, it is advised you always carry with you your lens container already filled up with fresh contact lens storage solution so that it would be handy in case you have to remove your contact lenses.
come applicare le lenti a contatto come applicare le lenti a contatto