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Come preparare e maneggiare le lenti a contatto

Precautions for your optimum safety:

  1. If you wear eye makeup or cosmetics, apply your eye makeup after wearing your lenses. Also, always remove your eye makeup after removing your lenses.
  2. In order to avoid eye infections, you should avoid handling your contact lenses excessively before wearing them. If you fail to wear your contact lens from the first try, wet and clean your contact lenses with a few fresh drops of solution before trying to wear them again.
  3. While wearing contact lenses, always avoid having your eyes exposed to cream lotions, hair spray, hair dryers, or deodorants. Such items will damage your contact lenses and may cause problems for your eyes.
  4. Always avoid wearing your contact lenses in the presence of environmental fumes, excessive smoke, dust or vapors and in severe windy conditions. Also, avoid wearing your contact lenses in the presence of chemicals, paint thinner, household cleaning substances, unusually polluted air, intense heat or any other abnormal atmospheric conditions.
  5. In case your eyes become red while wearing your contact lenses, or if you feel any discomfort wearing them and/or in the case of feeling any sort of a stinging or burning sensation or itching and irritation, excessive tearing, eye dryness, reduced vision sharpness and poor vision acuity, blurred vision, rainbows or halos surrounding objects, photophobia or severe sensitivity to light, unusual eye secretions, remove your contact lenses immediately, inspect them carefully, rinse and disinfect them thoroughly then wear them again. If the discomfort or problem persists, remove your contact lenses immediately and consult your eye practitioner.