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Wie man die Kontaktlinsen vorbeireitet

Wie man Kontaktlinsen richtig lagert

  1. Before storing your lenses, fill your contact lens container with a contact lens storage solution.
  2. In case your contact lens is exposed to air while off your eye, it may dehydrate and become dry and brittle. In this case, your contact lens needs to be re-hydrated again. If the dry lens is found stuck against a surface, apply a quantity of saline solution onto it before attempting to pealing or handling it. To re-hydrate your contact lens, pick the lens very gently and place it into the storage case; soak the dried lens in a contact lens rinsing and storage solution for at least 60 minutes until it returns to its' original soft state. Inspect the lens for damage and if it is clean and soft, clean it and disinfect it thoroughly prior to wearing it. If the lens did not return to its' original softness or after wearing it, found not comfortable, dispose it and never attempt to use it again.
  3. Replace your contact lens container regularly every 3 months or less.
  4. We recommend cleaning your contact lens storage container after each use via washing it thoroughly with hot tap water, then leaving it open to dry. When dry, disinfect it using a proper contact lens disinfecting solution, rinse it thoroughly and fill it up again with a fresh contact lens storage solution.